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How to Purchase a package

Step 1 - Sign in Securely through Steam. Step 2- Select "Account" on the top right and Click Change email to add an email account Step 3-Choose the Server and then the package you require. Step 4-Check out with Paypal, Or Purchase Credits to buy the package. Step 5-Accept the terms and conditions Step 6-Log into the server and automatically have your VIP added(Reconnect if already in there!)

By Mark on 20th September 2016 8:15:11

New Sale!

This Week only when you buy VIP10, or Custom Name Tag You will receive either a $5, or $10 credit to your account after you register on and make an introduction post! You can use this to buy your friends VIP or save it for next month payment! Sale Ends 9/23! Please Email for further info!

By Mark on 19th September 2016 5:00:28